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  • Some companies are using DRIPSTOP in 25% of their buildings
  • 20 years on the market
  • Over 400 million square feet are sold each year

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Roll Formers

Areas of Use

  • Post Frame/Agricultural Buildings
  • Steel Buildings
  • Self-Storage
  • Workshops/Unattached garages
  • Open Walled Structures
  • Carports, Truck Ports & RV Storage

Post Frame

The post frame market is DRIPSTOP's larges market Segment. This market includes agricultural buildings, equipment storage, grain storage, or office. These are customers that just do not want it to rain inside. - Segment does not need to be capitalized. Office probably needs to be changed to shop, and larges should be largest


Livestock Confinement

On structures built for livestock, the layer of rubber between the membrane and the steel panel can help reduce corrosion, and may prolong the life of a building. It is advantageous to use DRIPSTOP  for these applications because it is easy to clean, anti microbial and hoses off or can be pressure washed.

In animal confinement, condensation is highly acidic. Acid dripping down on animals can hurt yield. Dairies and horse barns in particular seem to show higher interest

Self Storage

The durability of DRIPSTOP is astounding. Unlike traditional vapor barriers, no matter what you do to it, you can not screw it up! This is the largest benefit for self storage facilities, People will shove anything into a self storage unit, even if it is filled up to the ceiling. Look at any older facility and you will usually find vapor barrier patchwork repairing customer damage. Patches often are not put on until after a unit becomes empty again, and by that time the insulation is often ruined. Adding to further expense.

Open Walled Structures

Carports, truck ports, lumber yards, garden centers, covered storage, stack houses are all candidates for DRIPSTOP installations.

Other Areas of Use

Aircraft/Boat hangars, cold storage, unattached garages, workshops, sheds, DIY builds, sports stadiums, retrofit roofing

DRIPSTOP provides a separate and significant profit center guaranteed to be sourced from you. DRIPSTOP is becoming more and more prevalent in metal roofing, don't miss opportunities because you can't provide DRIPSTOP to your customers.

Unlike most projects in roll forming, DRIPSTOP requires minimal investment in equipment, can be installed and ready to roll in a single day and minimizes downtime.